During the hearing where an FDA panel reportedly voted to approve Covid vaccines be administered under emergency authorization to children ages 5-11 earlier in October, a Utah-based scientist reportedly objected to approving the vaccine for young children.




As we previously reported here at Red Voice Media, an FDA panel voted to officially recommend the Pfizer vaccine to be administered to children as young as five-years-old, by way of utilizing an emergency use authorization back on October 26th.

The FDA panel, dubbed the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, were presented with the following question during the 8-hour hearing where they voted to approve the Pfizer vaccine for young children:

“Based on the totality of scientific evidence available, do the benefits of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine when administered as a 2-dose series outweigh its risks for use in children 5-11 years of age?”

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Said panel voted 17-0 in favor of the benefits outweighing the risks, but one scientist voiced his objections during the hearing.

Dr. Brian Dressen, Ph.D., testified before the panel on October 26th, saying that the decision the panel was faced with could have some deadly consequences for young children who would potentially receive the vaccine under the emergency use authorization:

“Each of you hold a significant responsibility today and know that without a doubt when you approve this for the 5-11-year-old’s, you are signing innocent kids and uninformed parents to a fate that will undoubtedly rob some of them of their life.”

Dr. Dressen is all too familiar with the adverse effects of vaccines being administered while still not being fully vetted. During his provided testimony, Dr. Dressen spoke about his wife being injured during the vaccine trials taking place back in 2020:

“My wife was severely neurologically injured by a single COVID vaccine in a clinical trial here in the United States last November. Because study protocol requires two doses, she was dropped from the trial, her access the study app deleted. Her reaction is not described in the recently released clinical trial report. Two hundred sixty-six participants are described as having an AE leading to discontinuation, 56 neurological reactions are tallied.”

Nonetheless, Dr. Dressen’s concerns were ignored by the FDA panel, as they went ahead with the emergency use authorization.