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President Biden Completely Shuts Down In Press Conference, Can Barely Form A Single Sentence [VIDEOS]

Although President Joe Biden has only been in office for ten months, he has already had countless memorable moments. Sadly, none of them are good as they mainly involve him struggling to do basic things like making a speech, standing still without checking his watch, or the simple task of reading a teleprompter. Even Before Biden somehow won the White House, it was apparent he needed a very large teleprompter with an even larger font. And while the teleprompter has been maxed out, President Biden’s latest attempt at addressing the supply chain issues was a complete joke as he stumbled and fumbled the entire way. 


Right out of the gate, President Biden tripped over his words as he appeared confident in himself. Trying to introduce the people who joined him, Biden literally said, “I’m joined by the executer(?) director of Los Angeles, and uh, Long Beach Gene Soroka, and uh, Mari-uh, Mario Cardono,” Biden even had to pause and concentrate on the name “Mario.”

With the words just falling out of his mouth, Biden finally stopped, taking a moment to regain himself, before saying, “Uh….I misspoke. I apologize.”

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Wanting another go at it, Biden then tried to introduce a separate man, and again it needed a team of translators to decipher what he was saying. It sounded like,“AndThePresidentOfTheInternationalLongShoremansUnion Willie Adams”.

Although that might be enough embarrassment for one day, Biden had to finish his speech, and therefore that means more blunders. In the clip below, President Biden tried to discuss the supply chain task force he created back in June to help fight the issues America is now facing. So, basically, it didn’t work, but still, Biden apparently doesn’t even know the name of his own task force. 


Coming to an end, the President is sure to thank both God and the troops before ending his speech. While numerous reporters hurled questions at Biden, he appeared to sulk as he walked away from the podium, most likely due to the absolute disaster of a press conference he just gave.