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PROOF: LUCIFERase Found In COVID Vaccine Company Patent, Satanic Big Pharma Company?

An anonymous internet sleuth did some digging into the so-called vaccines.

What he found inside of Moderna’s intellectual property and patents may come as a surprise.



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“Alright, so let me know how satanic you think this is. I’m on Moderna’s website. [3]¬†You go to mRNA technology, go to intellectual property [4], scroll down, and then it says to get to check out our patents click here. [5] You click there, click anyone but the first one, and then you search at the top. Where is it now? Luciferase, okay? And these are ingredients in the vaccine. Luciferase, Lucifer, isn’t that kinda like a biblically a bit, uhh? I mean, hold on a sec here. Type this in, and let’s check what is Luciferase? [6] It’s a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence. Is this the thing they’re going to use so that they shine something on your wrist, and if you’ve got the Vax, you’ll light up a certain color? I mean, this is, and what’s with the term Luciferase? Couldn’t have been like Lightase? Like, couldn’t have been something other than Lucifer, man? But if you dig into Luciferase, it seems like this is what has been biblically referred to as mark the old beast there and very, very satanic to inject someone with something like this. But anyway, check out Moderna’s website. Would you believe that? They tell you right there, Luciferase.” – Annonymous Internet Sleuth


You can see the full patent PDF here: US10703789 [8]

Here’s the part about Luciferase referenced in the above video. (It can be found on page 46)

We also found this from the Connecticut Department of Public Health: Vaccine Ingredients [9]

They list SM-102 as an ingredient in their so-called vaccine.

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SM-102 may also be in the Pfizer version of the so-called vaccine, according to this whistleblower who went on record with LifeSiteNews. [11]


The above video is just a clip of the Pfizer whistleblower, but the full interview can be found in the article below:

Pfizer Whistleblower Claims Vaccines Glow, Contains Graphene Oxide Or Luciferase, It’s ALL An Experiment [12]