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Psaki Loses Argument With Gas Pumps, Claims Prices Aren’t Rising Everywhere [VIDEO]

President Joe Biden might not be the best when it comes to answering questions from the press. While he was asked his favorite ice cream at one time, the questions have become more critical as America is facing numerous dilemmas on multiple fronts. But although America is struggling, Biden continues to hide from the press. That leaves many reporters to turn to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for answers. And in true Democratic fashion, she has become somewhat of an expert on bending the truth to fit the narrative the Biden administration wants. Take this recent interview where Psaki literally claimed that gas prices aren’t rising across America. 


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Even if you aren’t political, it is easy to see that the price of gas has significantly increased since Biden took office in January. But according to Psaki, it isn’t that bad. When asked about the surge in price, Psaki said, “The American people are -of course- impacted by rising prices of gas, in some parts of the country, not all!” It appears that nobody explained to Psaki that the national average of gas has risen 41%. 

Although  Psaki doesn’t read Fox News, she might want to as they reported, “Gas prices are on the rise, and they have hit nearly $5 for regular and are now about $5.40 a gallon for supreme in Manhattan. A Mobil station on 11th Ave. on the West Side had the eye-popping prices on Monday evening. Gas prices have jumped across the nation as oil prices reach a 7-year high. The average price of gas across the country is about $3.25 per gallon according to GasBuddy and $3.31 according to the Lundberg Survey.”


And apparently, it isn’t just gas that is also on the rise. Inflation has caused many common household items to skyrocket in price.  Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman also shredded the Democrats’ narrative that the inflation was nothing more than “transitory.”