As the Biden Regime makes more moves to weaponize the federal government against anyone who goes against their narrative, parents are standing up against these corrupted school boards across the nation.

In this case, it was Quisha King who had a few words to say, and when she told them, she received a standing ovation




“It is extremely pervasive. I don’t think parents realize just how pervasive it is. I know in Duval County, I found Critical Race Theory workshops and events as far back as 2011. And I’m sure there are other things before that because obviously, it had to be something before that for it to even be a workshop. So I think understanding that they are not kidding. This is not going away. The enemy has no chill and is advancing forward as fast… We can see, I mean, you’re at home when trying to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for your kids, and the FBI could be knocking at your door because you might have said the wrong thing at a school board meeting. These people they’re not, they are serious. They want to silence us and shut us down. I really think at this point, the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system. That’s it.” – Quisha King


If that standing ovation wasn’t enough to convince you that the grass-roots movement wasn’t growing, take a look at some of these comments about it from around the internet…

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“You should take her advice, not as a boycott, but simply to protect your family.”

“Bravo, I already was thinking of this alternative!!! I bet many parents had too…”


“She is right. Pull your kids out. Educate your children at home.”

“Take your children OUT! Peacefully protest. We must STAND! No one else is going to SAVE US.”

“Love this woman what a breath of fresh air she is.”

“Duval County Dad checking in! I do not trust DCPS anymore than Biden can talk numbers! keep me informed, and I’m with this.”

“All of America needs to get our children out of this Indoctrinating critical race theory Marxist training ground.”

“If I had young kids, there’s no way in hell they’d go to public school these days.”

“If the majority of parents pull their children out of school, I believe this mess would end pretty quick. We are not asking to pull your children out permanently, just until this madness ends and they realize who really has the power. We pay these people’s salaries, pay for the school buildings through our property taxes. They want you to believe that they have the power when in fact, we, the taxpayers, do. Time to do something before we lose our children to the government!!”

“Homeschool your children before it’s too late! Defund the public school system!”

“Parents hold the power, but they must wield it, or the rot of CRT wins.”

“Get your kids out. Keep fighting at school board meetings but get your kids to safety.”

“You do it. Homeschooling is great. I took my son out in 6th grade, and he is now a senior in high school. I took my baby girl out in 1st, and she is now an inquisitive 7th grader. It’s been the best and busiest years of my life.”

“Defund Public Education spot on!”

“I have been saying this for a long time now. Nowadays, grammar schools, high schools, colleges, and universities especially are more interested in teaching a failed Marxist ideology than they are in US History or even Geography. These institutions are now making every attempt to doctorate our kids and young people into these forms of political ideologies that really have no bearing nor make no sense in a civilized world. As parents, people need to be very vigilant on what sort of knowledge is being fed to their kids. Let’s make sure we don’t raise the next generation of Maoists waving little red books in the air!!!”