Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed some heavy criticism geared toward progressive Westerners who promulgate the notion that boys can become girls and vice versa, calling the practice “monstrous” and detrimental to the youth.



While speaking in Sochi earlier in October, the Russian president said it is “close to a crime against humanity” to indoctrinate the youth of a generation into believing that sex is malleable:

“It is terrible when children in the West are taught the idea that a boy can become a girl.”

The aforementioned notion of biological sex being flexible either to one’s whims or by way of gender dysphoria is often propagated in far-left circles, with Putin saying that said practices run the risk of spoiling an entire generation.

Putin has always managed to conjure the ire of the LGBT community, as the Russian president banned both same-sex marriage and what has been coined as “gay propaganda” within the country. Changes were instituted in Russia’s constitution in July of 2020 that cemented the prohibition of same-sex marriage.

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On top of banning gay marriages, the country’s constitution also prevents transgenders from being able to adopt children in the country.


Continuing with his take on childhood indoctrination into the trans agenda, Putin stated:

“[It’s] simply a monstrous moment when children are pushed to believe from early on that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa. They are pushed to believe they have a choice imposed while parents are swept aside. And a child is forced to make a decision that can break their life.”

Putin, known for not mincing his words, said he was simply calling “a spade a spade” and that it’s “a crime against humanity dressed up in the name and under the flag of progress.”

The Russian president’s comments were delivered while speaking before the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, where reports indicate that his remarks regarding youths being targeted by transgender ideology in the West came from a prepared speech instead of being delivered off-the-cuff.

While being transgender is not prohibited in Russia, decisions in the realm of gender identity are strictly limited to adults in the country, and children are to be “left alone” in that respect.