The incredibly popular podcast host Joe Rogan sounds the alarm about Google, warning that it is “hiding information” about COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths.

In a new interview with New York Times journalist Alex Berenson, Rogan called out media outlets like CNN that shamed him for using the substance Ivermectin to fight the coronavirus that he had contracted.


“What is the source of all this? What’s the epicenter of bulls***? … Specifically in my case, where they’re saying, ‘horse dewormer.’ Like why? Who’s doing that?” Rogan asked, according to The Daily Wire. 

“So there are pollsters out there who are looking at focus groups,” Berenson said in response. “So when they’re talking about ‘horse dewormer,’ there’s somebody out there who’s spending a couple million dollars a month or whatever it is to make sure, that if, oh, this is not for humans, it’s for animals. They are testing all that language, and that is one reason why it sounds so similar.”

That’s when Rogan lashed out at Google, saying that he no longer uses it as a search engine.

“It’s one of the reasons I stopped using Google to search things, too,” Rogan replied. “They’re doing something to curate information.  Look, if I wanted to find specific cases about people who died from vaccine-related injuries, I had to go to Duck Duck Go. I wasn’t finding them on Google. And I’m like, ‘Okay, this is crazy.'”

“Like, you guys are hiding information,” he continued. “I’m looking for very specific people and very specific cases, and I’m getting CDC websites, and I’m getting articles on the disinformation attached to vaccines, and vaccines being safe and effective, which for the most part they are, just like peanuts are safe and effective for the most part.”

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Rogan is one of the few celebrities who has been unafraid to question the media’s narrative surrounding COVID-19 and its vaccines.

“It would be better to get the virus and recover and have amazing immunity,” Rogan said last week, according to USA Today. “You know what I think you should do? I think you should get vaccinated and then get sick. This is why: because then you got the vaccine protects you from a bad infection, and then you get COVID so then you get the robust immunity that’s imparted from having the actual disease itself.”

Earlier this year, Rogan explained, “I’m not an anti-vax person,” but “I just said, I don’t think that if you’re a young, healthy person, that you need it.”