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RED ALERT: Scientists Discover The UNTHINKABLE After Vaccine Injection – Hatching Eggs, Parasites Birthing

The mainstream media has been working overtime to try and make it look like the COVID-19 vaccines are completely safe, but unfortunately, this is not the case at all.

Dr. Jane Ruby sat down with our very own Stew Peters [1] on Friday to issue a warning about what has really been discovered in these shots, and what she had to say is nothing short of terrifying. Ruby said that when doctors took a closer look at what’s in the vaccine, they saw what appeared to be “parasites” that seemed to be “self-aware.”


“Some of it sounded a little extraterrestrial and weird,” she added.

Ruby said that one doctor even saw “eggs” that she said became “very active,” as he observed, “the head sprouting, and the legs sprouting, and they grew up over the course of four days.” She then said that whatever creature that sprouted out of the egg was “alive.”

Ruby continued by saying that one doctor referred to this being as a “creature because it seemed to be moving on its own.”


“This has legs and tails and a head, and it moves, and it births, and it comes from an egg, and these are being injected into people,” Peters said in astonishment.

“You’re telling me that inside of these injections, these so-called vaccines, there are eggs that when introduced to the graphene become birthing mechanisms, and these eggs sprouts this one-headed, three-tailed self-aware aluminum parasite?” Peters asked.

Unfortunately, Ruby confirmed that this is exactly what she was saying. She¬†lamented the fact that we are¬†“getting to a point where they just don’t care if we are putting all these pieces together.”

Making matters even worse is the fact that doctors have found that even testing swabs are not safe. Ruby quoted one doctor who looked at the “chemical composition” of these swabs and found that the “ultimate goal” of them is “to collect” for a “worldwide DNA database.”

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This is just some of the many “nefarious stuff” that is going on.

In their quest to force everyone to get vaccinated, the mainstream media is trying to suppress any information about the dangers of these vaccines. Find out more about what’s really in these shots by checking out this full interview here. [1]