Like many school board meetings around America, one in Indiana turned hostile recently when a parent objected to the council’s decision to extend the mask mandate.

By now, it is common knowledge, thanks to doctors and experts, that masks do very little to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but yet schools around the country continue to force children to wear them.


So, hoping to sway their council, an Indiana couple presented science and facts about oxygen levels in masks. What followed was a school board member not wanting to listen or reason with the couple. At least not until the husband called the member an “idiot,” at which point, the council erupted. And luckily, somebody got the whole thing on tape. 

During the meeting, Shenandoah parent, Jason Greer, decided to give a short presentation to help the board members see some of the dangers of wearing masks. But for assistant secretary Alan Troxell, he wasn’t having any conversations as he merely ignored science and facts. Greer, seeing no way to reason with Troxell, simply called him an “idiot.” 

Apparently, this is the last thing a person wants to say to a board member, as Troxell quickly grew hostile. “What? What’d you say? Did you call me an idiot?” A school resource officers even had to restrain Troxell, who added, “I’m tired of that stupid bastard.”

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After Greer, who did nothing wrong, was asked to leave the room, the meeting continued, and the school board decided to extend the mask mandate until late January. 

As for Troxell, Greer told reporters, “I have talked with the school board member this morning. He is sorry for his actions. Many, many wrongs, and one that we will take care of. He will definitely receive something from our school board president. But the bottom line is the school board member knows that his actions were not representative of membership and representing Shenandoah Schools.”

While the parents and schools go back and forth, Greer’s wife, Brooke, added, “People say, ‘Go to the meetings and show your support, and let your voices be heard.’ And then you get there, and you’re almost attacked by a board member, and you’re ridiculed and mocked, and they laugh under their breath. It’s not a way that it should be handled.”