There was no talk of any COVID variants before the so-called vaccines were injected into people’s arms.

Now that there are millions of people who’ve had one, two, or even three experimental jabs, deaths are going up, according to John Hopkins University.


Just watch what happened when these countries introduced their mass vaccination programs:


Was there anything else that changed besides introducing so-called vaccines into the equation?

The people commenting online don’t seem to think so…

“Amazing! And there are people who do not know the facts. They live in fear because of the MSM. I wonder what the liars are getting paid to sell their soul?”

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“This is exactly what they wanted. Bill Gates. Extreme left.”

“Gates talked about incoming Pandemic just a couple of years before covid. Are we in the first stages of population control?”

“Funny how we don’t have lobbyists pushing non-processed healthy food, vitamins, and weight training.”

“Covid is the excuse they are using to push the so-called vaccine. What’s being injected into your body are different classes of nanocytes that can perform different functions, including track your heart rate, cholesterol level and even track your physical location. The nanocytes can also be used to plug up an artery near an organ like the heart, where it could trigger heart attacks. Japanese researchers found the metallic nanocytes along with other contaminants and banned 3 million vaccines from the U.S. after 2 people died from getting the injection. The purpose is for population control because the government will now try to push socialism/communism on the people, and those that do not comply will be eliminated. Mark my words, you’ve been warned.”

“Vaccine Mandates are the redesigned Jim crow laws. Instead of discrimination based on race, they have a new excuse to discriminate against citizens, and that is based on covid -19 vaccine status? Yup that 1 vaccine divides the American citizens into two groups, and the unvaccinated aren’t entitled to civil rights ?? Sound familiar?”

“Exactly why NO one should EVER take this poisonous injection! Those of us who have done our research and have our eyes WIDE OPEN have known about this and have listened to other CREDIBLE doctors warning of the danger of this experimental gene therapy. For those who may be just seeing the truth, unfortunately, there is no do-over once you have taken the poison. For those who have not……WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!”

“Event 201 and the Great Reset. Why aren’t people reposting this?”

“They’ll just blame “the variant.”

“Where do the variants come from. I suspect vaccinated people! Too many people think they are safe after being vaccinated. They can and are getting covid 19 or the variants, thus making more variants. It’s vaccinated people who are more dangerous than the unvaccinated.”

“Bad vaccines create a false sense of security.”