Could it be that the COVID vaccines are actually making people MORE likely to get COVID?

Some are pointing to data that points to exactly that.


This time it’s Alex Jones, but he’s definitely not alone.



“Not supposed to happen. U.S. state with highest Vax rate sees record surge in COVID cases. That’s Vermont to have the highest vaccination rate United States is a number two and is about to surpass the other state that’s almost as injected as they are. Then it’s the same graph you see from Singapore and Israel and Gibraltar and on and on and on and Iceland. Continuing again, I’ve got a bunch of other articles here that show other areas. Here is right here. Cases in Vermont already at record levels for the state just keeps rising even with the highest vaccination rate in the country. 89% of 18 (years old) and up in our population is at least partially vaccinated. 88% of 12 (years old) and up to 100% of seniors. Anyone asked Fauci why he was so wrong? Because it’s the vaccine that’s causing it. We know that a side effect is what Dr. Yeadon, the former head of Pfizer, predicted. There’s one out of Maine. Maine is about to set the new high in cases with 86% of everyone over 18 (years old) at least partially vaccinated. 84% of 12 (years old) & up to 99% of 65 (years old) & up. Wow. Their daily average is now well above the national average and currently 69% higher than Florida. Good thing they’re mandating vaccines to stop transmission, and I think now they’re going to segue into Oh, it’s a new variant, take a booster. And Gates said almost two years ago, that was the plan. So this is all elaborately set up. Here are the actual graphs for you from Maine and Vermont, but I just like to document everything we put up here for you. And Oh, we got Sheriff departments confirming 15-year-olds dying from the shots. That’s in a police report. I mean, they’re not gonna be able to hide all this. It’s all coming out. There’s the VAERS reporting number on this poor young man who’s dead now.” – Alex Jones


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This isn’t even the first time we reported on this type of data. Check out the article below that shows even more countries that have data that backs up what Alex said in the video above.

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