Billionaire investor George Soros has come under fire recently when he donated $500,000 to help defund police in Texas. Confused by the move, many questioned the billionaire, with some claiming his motives behind the investment were the future plans to militarize the police force in America. While startling, it appears Soros has once again made headlines when a Macedonian parent revealed that his teenage daughter had been the subject of horrific sexual abuse in a scout group that was funded by the Soros Foundation. 


Describing what his daughter had to go through, the father, who wished to remain nameless, said the group of adult instructors had the children perform sex games. The children were instructed to get nude in front of each other while painting on their genitals. At the same time, the adult instructors would commend the children on their figures. 

“We are talking about 16-year-old children, some not even that old. They were asked to name how many types of condoms they can identify. Then, they were asked about the number of their sexual partners. It was taken that a “correct answer” will be more than two sexual partners at 16 years of age. A bizarre “game” had them soak female hygiene products in red paint and then drain them. The children were then asked to put paint on a part of their body and leave an impression on paper – an imprint of a hand was ranked 10 points, the buttocks were valued 40 points, the breasts at 60 and the genitals – 80 points”


The scout group in question is called First Skopje Scout Group and is a significant recipient of grants from both the city of Skopje and the Foundation Open Society (FOSM). It should be noted that FOSM is an organization in Macedonia that George Soros mainly funds. 

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While both children’s rights groups and prosecutors have announced investigations into the matter, camp organizer Zoran Siljakovski admitted that he informed all the children about the sexual education part of the camp, and they were free to call their parents or leave at any time. 


It should also be noted that a total of seven children left the group, and two other parents have already come forward with stories of sexual abuse at the camp.