WASHINGTON, DC – Despite assertions from the State Department that there were approximately 100 Americans stranded in Afghanistan back in late August, new reports indicate there are as many as 363 Americans still in the country as of October 22nd, according to reports.


During press briefings in months past, State Department spokesperson Ned Price asserted ranges of Americans in Afghanistan that were far lower than the number shared with members of Congress on October 21st.

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CNN’s senior White House correspondent Phil Mattingly shared the following on Twitter regarding the current numbers communicated by the State Department:

“State Dept. informed congressional staff Thursday that it is in touch with 363 American citizens in Afghanistan, 176 of whom want to leave, per [Jennifer Hansler]. That is significantly higher than the estimates of roughly 100 in Aug. which Admin officials regularly cited.”

“Officials said that they have gotten 218 American citizens and 131 legal permanent residents (LPRs) out of Afghanistan since August 31.”


Keep in mind that the 363 citizens are distinct from those who have already been recovered.

This means that the previous estimate of “about 100” that was touted frequently over the past couple of months was off by roughly 400%. The number of those who want to flee the Taliban-controlled country but are unable to do so simply does not match State Department’s early projections.


It’s also worth noting that the State Department continues to be vague about how many LPRs remain in Afghanistan, despite the fact that they claim credit for withdrawing 131 LPRs – which said assertion is debatable considering the numerous exfiltration efforts executed by private groups post-Afghanistan exit.

And as recent as October 18th, three days prior to the figure of 363 Americans was shared with members of Congress, State Department spokesperson Price stated during a press briefing stated a figure far below than what the latest numbers suggest:

“In terms of a number of American citizens, this is a figure that, as you know, is not static. It is not immutable precisely because as Americans in the country – some of whom may be identifying themselves to us for the first time – see that we are able to effect the safe departure of Americans and LPRs and others from Afghanistan, that their calculus has changed.

They have determined that they do want to depart the country. That range has been anywhere from below a 100 – right now it is somewhere in between 100 and 200 given that some Americans have – additional Americans have raised their hands, seeing our ability to effect their safe departure.”

The fact of the matter is we may never get an honest assessment of the number of Americans and LPRs left behind in Afghanistan as a result of President Biden’s botched withdrawal.