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The Great Reset: Facebook, Amazon Want Seats at the UN, For REAL.

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If you were around in the 1990s you may remember the term “New World Order.” No, not the wrestling promotion, although that was pretty awesome. It was a conspiracy theory about a hidden effort by elites to impose a totalitarian world government upon the whole planet.

Well, now we have a new name for the New World Order, and this time it’s not a conspiracy, it’s real. They brag about it right out in the open. This time, they’re calling it the Great Reset. It was the theme of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in 2020, and in the year since we’ve seen that our ruling class is dead serious about this. It really is the big reset of everything in our lives. Reset the economy, to centralize it even more to a few massive companies. Reset our constitutional order so ordinary people have few rights or none. Reset public order by defunding the police and letting rioters rule the streets. And if some of the biggest vaccine critics are right about what’s in these vaccines, maybe there’s even an agenda to reset our human biology, somehow.

But there’s other creepy stuff going on, right out in the open. Here’s an article [2] in yesterday’s Bloomberg. It’s titled “Give Amazon and Facebook a Seat at the United Nations.” And yes, the article calls for doing exactly that. Stick Amazon next to Algeria and Facebook next to Fiji at the UN. As the author says, quote, “private companies have long been powerful enough to shape public laws to their liking behind closed doors,” unquote, so why not just publicly involve them in makings laws too? Why not make them a part of the global government?

Right now, that’s just one article, but it won’t be the last one like it. Because every day, corporate power exerts more and more control over our lives. Twitter gets to decide whether you’re able to see the words of the president of the United States. Google decides whether you get to see anti-vaccine arguments at all.

There’s a great reset going on right in front of you. When you grew up, you learned about the difference between the public and private sector, and how there are powers only government has. But now, private actors get all of that power, with none of the accountability. If that’s not a great reset, what is?

Clay Clark is an author and host of the Thrivetime Show Podcast [3] and he joined Stew on the show to discuss.

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