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THIS IS WHY WE FIGHT: Mom Breaks News About Defeating School Mask Mandate To Son

Ever since the beginning of ’15 days to slow the spread’, we as a society have been pushing irreparable harm upon our children with masks, social distancing, remote learning, and lockdowns.

It’s gone on for far too long.


Watch this heartwarming little video of a mother breaking the news of a victory against medical tyranny to her son:

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Mother: I wanna tell you something.

Son: What?

Mother: Can I tell you something? So there was some parents of Bentonville school, some of my friends who took the school to court. Okay. They took him to court saying they can’t mandate masks, and we won. Starting tomorrow, baby. You don’t have to wear it.

Son: Oh, it’s gonna be so weird.

Mother: Starting tomorrow.


Hat tip to Lauren Witzke. [4] We found this video on her Telegram channel.

Seeing the joy from this young man is a reminder as to why we never stop fighting for our children.

Check out some of the comments from when Lauren posted this video…

“I could not imagine growing up in this political theater that the kids are going through now.”

“The biggest psychology experiment is about to take place to see what kind of damage has been done to the minds of the children once unmasked.”

“We are doing so much damage.”

“Made me smile.”

“And I cried, lol.”

“Praise God! We have to fight for the children!!!”

“Heartbreaking that this is even needed. Good job, mom!!!”

“We shouldn’t even have to fight it in court. Americans should know their Constitutional rights already and refuse. We wouldn’t have to fight if there weren’t nothing but leftist liberal wicked women in positions of power and effeminate coward men.”

“This is from the Bentonville, AR mask mandate win! It’s very exciting, and he had the BEST reaction!”

“Can you imagine being some poor kid you’ve had to put up with this shit for most of your life that you actually remember?”