After California Governor Gavin Newsom beat the recall election and retained his political position, he plowed ahead, unleashing the full Democratic agenda. Within the first month, Newsom imposed all children be vaccinated before they could attend school. This included both public and private schools. He also pushed extreme COVID-19 mandates on citizens. To give you a glimpse of what a Democrat-controlled state looks like, a California school district sent an email to parents this week informing them that due to COVID-19 mandates put in place by Newsom, their children would be forced to eat lunch outside. And to make it worse, the email advised parents to pack rain gear in case it rains. 



That’s right, according to Newsom and the Democrats, COVID-19 is such a dangerous virus that children should be forced to eat lunch in the rain, so they don’t spread the virus. 

The email, which was sent from Patwin Elementary School, said, “Rain is forecasted this week which will present an added challenge to our lunch routines. DJUSD [Davis Joint Unified School District] students are required to eat outside at this time due to COVID restrictions. I am asking you to send your children to school with rain gear and warm jackets.”

As one could imagine, parents quickly took issue with the email, with many calling it cruel and inhumane. 

Sadly, the emails didn’t stop there as the school sent out another one to inform parents how the lunches would work. “In collaboration with our District staff, we looked at all of the alternatives. If during lunchtime, we have a heavy downpour of rain, it will be challenging to eat under the covered walkways. During a heavy downpour, we will have a staggered lunch with one grade level at a time in our MPR for 15 minutes, with all ten doors open and two air purifiers running. After 15 minutes, students will be dismissed to their classrooms for inside recess. If you prefer that your child remains outside to eat, please inform your teacher, and we will make accommodations to support your request.”

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While many parents are voicing their concerns to the school directly, Republican California state legislator Kevin Kiley voiced his disdain for Newsom and the liberal agenda on Twitter. “Cruelty to children has been normalized in California.”