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‘Tough Guy’ Beto O’Rourke Challenges Anyone To ‘F*ck’ With Him ‘On Politics’

The failed Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke tried to portray himself as a real tough guy this week when he sent a message to anyone who tries to “f***” with him on politics.

“If you want to debate, or argue, or fight, or f*ck with me on politics, I’ll take it all day long,” O’Rourke said during an Instagram Live.


You heard it there, folks. Beto is NOT to be F*CKED with!

The three-time congressman from El Paso is expected to announce that he is running for governor of Texas again later this year. He previously lost a senatorial race to Republican Ted Cruz in 2018 before unsuccessfully running for president in 2020.


There are few things that O’Rourke does better than losing!

Last month, O’Rourke lashed out at Matthew McConaughey amidst rumors that the Hollywood star is planning to run for Texas governor.

“[H]e’s a really popular figure whose political views have not in any way been fixed,” O’Rourke said. “I don’t know, for example, who he voted for in the most consequential election since 1864 in this country. I don’t know how he feels about any of the issues that we’ve brought up.”

Fox News [3] reported that McConaughey fired back by saying, “Beto, I don’t take that as shade. He called me a good man. I’d say he’s a good man.”

“He believes in what he’s selling and his heart is in the right place and he’s got the right kind of compassion that a liberal-sided politician needs, is necessary,” he continued.


McConaughey went on to say that he wasn’t taking many sides of political issues at the moment “on purpose,” as he instead wants to focus on discussions of “something larger,” like the point of democracy and why so many people don’t trust the government. McConaughey also said that he has yet to make up his mind on running for governor, explaining that he is “measuring” the decision by listening to both those encouraging him to run to help fix the political system and those who warned him he’d be entering a race with “a bag of rats.”

Sources have said that O’Rourke is fully planning to run.

“We hope that he’s going to run,” Gilberto Hinojosa, the state chair of the Democratic Party, told Axios. “We think he’ll be our strongest candidate. We think he can beat Abbott because he’s vulnerable.”

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“His prohibition against mask and vaccination mandates have not gone over well with Texans,” Hinojosa added. “And with the abortion law, Republicans have raised the anger level of Texas women higher than anyone has ever seen before.”

If O’Rourke wants to put himself out there and run again, that’s fine. It will certainly be fun to see him lose again!