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Trump Announces Rally On Michigan Capitol Steps On Tuesday – Demands Forensic Audit

The former President Donald Trump reemerged on Friday to announce that he will be holding a rally on the steps of the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday to call for a forensic audit of the election.

“Big Michigan Rally coming up on Oct. 12th, on the Capitol steps in Lansing, where Patriots will demand a Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam,” Trump said. “The Voter Fraud is beyond what anyone can believe.”


“Anyone who cares about our Great Country should attend, because unless we look to the past and fix what happened, we won’t have a future or a Country. Matt DePerno, Rep. Steve Carra, and Kristina Karamo, who I have endorsed, will be there,” he added. “Let’s Go, Michigan, don’t let us down!”

The Gateway Pundit [2] reported that Trump was up by tens of thousands of votes on election night, and by morning, his lead was stolen. The numbers have never added up, which is why an audit is so necessary.

It was reported earlier this week that aides had to hold Trump back from announcing that he is planning to run for president again in 2024.

“I think he’s already in and he’s just waiting to make it official,” one Republican who has spoken with Trump told The Hill [3]. “His focus right now is on making sure Republicans win in 2022, and I don’t think he wants to do.”

Trump is currently on his way to Iowa for another rally. David Kochel, a veteran Republican strategist in Iowa, said that Trump has “given every indication that he is very seriously considering” another presidential run.

“Iowa looks to be pretty safely Trump territory,” Kochel added. “He’s got all the resources. He’s got 100 percent name identification. He still has the support of most of the folks in the base who make up the primary voters and decide these things. He’s got his hands on all the levers that he needs to be successful in a primary.”

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Trump recently dismissed his Republican rivals going into 2024, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), saying that “most people would drop out” if he entered the 2024 race and that even if they didn’t, he would easily defeat them.

“If I faced [DeSantis], I’d beat him like I would beat everyone else,” Trump said. “I think most people would drop out. I think he would drop out.”

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) said that while the likelihood of Trump running for president again “seems to “change every couple of weeks,” he remains very popular with Republicans. 


“I still think that he’ll have to make that determination,” Ernst said of Trump possibly running again. “I can only speak for Iowa, but a lot of Iowans are really, really behind him. They look at what President Biden is doing, and they’re absolutely disgusted at what they see as far as policy. So I think he’s got opportunity there.”