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Trump DOD Chief: Durham Outlining “Mob Style Conspiracy”

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We’re still waiting on the release of the Durham Report. Now, obviously, it’s easy to be impatient, but it’s more important that the probe get it right than that it be done quickly, and you know that the Deep State is doing everything it can to gum up the process. So far, we’ve only seen charges against one lawyer allied to the Clinton campaign, a couple of weeks ago Durham filed another wave of new subpoenas, so there’s reason to be hopeful.

If anybody on our side knows the full extent of what the Durham Report ought to uncover, and what charges it should bring, it’s Kash Patel. Kash was one of the true warriors within the Trump Administration. He was chief of staff at the Department of Defense and was a strong behind-the-scenes ally of the president on the National Security Council.
But before all that, Patel made his reputation exposing the sham Russia probe. He’s the author of the famous Nunes Memo, which exposed the egregious misconduct by the Deep State against the Trump campaign and the early Trump presidency. Why do you know that the FBI lied to a FISA court to spy on Carter Page? Because Kash Patel told us. How do we know about Bruce Ohr using his wife to launder information from Fusion GPS and give it to the FBI? Because of Kash Patel. How do we know that the FBI knew the Steele dossier was salacious and likely bogus but used it anyway to justify spying on Trump associates? Again, Kash Patel.

Now that the Trump administration is over, or perhaps just on hiatus, Patel is currently pursuing lawsuits against Politico, CNN, and the New York Times, and he says he wants to assist any other Americans who have been silenced, de-platformed, or defamed by our corrupt press establishment. To support those legal efforts, Kash has created the Kash Patel Legal Offense Trust, and he joined the show to discuss.

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