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Twix Halloween Ad Promotes Cross Dressing Kids & Alludes To Black Magic Assault On Child [VIDEO]

The holidays are finally here, with Halloween kicking off the festivities this weekend.

While many Americans are buying candy and making sure their costumes are ready, the popular candy company Twix decided to release a fun commercial to get everyone in the spirit.


Although companies have been known to pander to the liberal left, Twix decided not to hide it at all as their commercial depicts a young boy wearing a dress during the Halloween season and the constant bullying he receives. But what is more interesting about the video than the obnoxious woke agenda is the fact that Twix never once mentions their candy. 

In the ad, again released by Twix, the boy is shown playing alone when his new nanny shows up, who is a witch.

The video goes on to show their relationship growing into a friendship when another kid at the playground questions the boy.

While the other kid is visibly confused, the witch takes this as a threat and decides to use her powers against him, literally.

Not only does the video, which can be seen in its entirety below, focus on the woke community, but it promotes violence against any person trying to understand their viewpoint. 

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