The COVID-inspired tyranny continues in Australia, with a new video appearing on social media showing Australian police at the door of a citizen inquiring about a Facebook post he may have made.

In the video, police are heard asking about Facebook posts the person allegedly made in connection to attending a protest six months prior. The police were asking about a photo posted of the protest and inquired if the citizen attended.


The citizen fired back, asking if they were doing the same with Black Lives Matter protests two weeks prior.

The unidentified citizen said to the police, “What are you here for? Are you here to serve me… You’ve got the cops coming around here to tell me I’ve been at a protest six months ago.”  He continued, “Why are you working for this corrupt government? What are you guys doing, who are you serving? Are you serving us? Or are you serving the corrupt government and health officials?”

You can watch it here:

This isn’t the first sign of full-blown tyranny in Australia with their police.  As a former lawman of twenty years, it sickens me to see Australian police choose their jobs over the people, and “just follow orders”.

We haven’t got this out of control in America, yet, but we are already at the point where every active law enforcement officer has to think about who they actually serve, and what they actually are meant to protect… which is the American people and the Constitution.

Many in the law enforcement community are already taking a stand against vaccine mandates, which is a great sign.  If and when the time comes that they are ordered to cross the line and enforce tyrannical orders in conflict with the Constitution, I can only hope they make the right choice… even if it is hard, or uncomfortable.  There is no room for following bad orders just to keep a job.

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Countless examples of Aussie police enforcing lockdowns and mask mandates with unwarranted use of force have come to light on social media, watch a few examples below:

Is this even about COVID anymore?

Don’t want to mask up down under? Don’t let the police find you…

Arresting fathers with small children for not wearing masks or choking women for the same is not exactly going to build strong bonds with the community…

It appears some have had enough of these tyrannical tactics, and are fighting back. Good.