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UV Light Fixtures Would END COVID TYRANNY, They’re Available NOW!

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So we’ve brought all of American society to a crashing halt and obliterated freedom in this country in the name of stopping the coronavirus. You know all about the vaccine mandates and the lockdowns and the forced business closures, but along with that, it’s all the little things that make everything so ridiculous. There are mask mandates on airplanes, even though the air filtration makes it almost impossible to spread the virus in one. There are mask mandates for children, even though they’re virtually immune and almost never spread the disease to others. Then there’s the obsessive cleaning: Schools and hotels and businesses blowing thousands of dollars on excessive cleaning to guard against the stray chance of some surface particle infecting someone; in reality, it almost never happens and this is just a way for cleaners to get rich.

What if there was a way to make all this idiocy stop? Well, thankfully, there might be. We’ve known for years that ultraviolet light can be used to kill viruses quickly and easily. The main reason we don’t do it all the time is that UV light is also bad for humans; it causes cancer and cataracts. But in the last few years, we’ve discovered a spectrum of UV light that kills viruses even better than normal, and it’s actually harmless for humans as well. Imagine if instead of all this panic we could just run things under a safe UV light and wipe out coronavirus. And imagine if we could fight influenza and tuberculosis and Ebola and who knows what else as part of the bargain.

This would all be pretty remarkable if we could make it happen, although, at this point, you know some people are so mentally shattered they’ll be wearing masks for the rest of their lives, just because.

But for the rest of us, this is a reason to hope. Doctor Aaron Williams is an anesthesiologist with 16 years of experience, and he’s become a big advocate for this new UV light technology. He joined the show to discuss.

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