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Vaccine Mandate Threatens Massachusetts Dept. of Corrections, About To Lose 50% of It’s Prison Guards

As the Biden Regime’s push for vaccine mandates across many industries continues, prison systems are no different in facing staffing issues due to the people being against medical tyranny.

Massachusetts Department of Corrections is about to lose about 1,500 officers.


Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s solution to losing roughly half of corrections officers due to the vaccine mandate deadline of October 17?

Bring in the National Guard, who have until June 30, 2022, to get fully vaccinated.

This raises questions… what exactly is the science behind the different dates for required vaccinations between corrections officers and the National Guard?

Is there a peer-reviewed study or any data that anyone can point to that would make this make sense?

I mean, is Gov. Baker is replacing the unvaccinated with more unvaccinated because it’s for everyone’s health?

If this doesn’t make sense to you either, you’re probably just a science-denying racist, or at least that’s what the average COVID Cult member might call you.

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Narrator: Getting a prison under control after a riot like this one requires the kind of training that correction officers say National Guard personnel do not have.

Kevin Flanagan: All due respect to the men and women of the National Guard. We have highly trained correction officers that worked through the pandemic for 18 months, and now to save 50% of them are going to be terminated. It’s not right. It’s not fair.

Narrator: On Tuesday, anticipating a number of correction officers would fail to meet the October 17 deadline for mandatory vaccination. Governor Baker activated 250 troops to help staff potential shortages at state prisons.

Sen. Jamie Eldridge: It could be for many, many months if not longer, and that’s very concerning. Correctional officers play such a critical role in making sure there’s safety in our prisons.

Narrator: The union tells the iTeam approximately half of all correction officers or about 1500 have not provided proof of vaccine to the state. And many of those who have requested an exemption have yet to have hearings—looking to stop the firing process. The union is heading to federal court.

Cheryl Fiandaca: What do you hope will happen?

Corey Scadifi: Is to halt this mandate so we can work through some of these details. We don’t want to see militarization of our prisons. We don’t want to see 1500 of our members fired. We don’t think that the state is prepared for the impact that this is going to have inside the prison system. We’re looking for a pause so we can work out some of these details.

Narrator: The state says the National Guard will start training this week but will not be inside the prisons. Rather, we’ll be providing transportation and outside security. But long term, potentially losing half of all correction officers is a concern.

Sen. Jamie Eldridge: Correction officers, again playing that critical role, really need to rethink for a lot of them their resistance getting vaccinated, and that’s the only solution to get out of what is approaching to be a crisis in Massachusetts.

Cheryl Fiandaca: And the Department of correction says the governor’s order for the National Guard does not have an end date and will continue as long as needed.