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Vernon Jones ran off during a LIVE interview taping with “The Stew Peters Show”.

Peters confronted Jones about a variety of different issues the mainstream media refuses to address as the GOP props up Jones as a “Conservative” candidate, while Jones is actually filled with anti-white hate and sex scandals.

During the interview, Jones was muted after he tried to gaslight the audience and lie to Peters. The mute button was left on, and the complete (1-sided) interview is posted below.

Jones has made the claim that Peters is “racist” because Peters accused Jones of “jive talk”. Peters stands by that claim, as “jive talk” is defined as “deliberately misleading or deceptive talk”, and that’s EXACTLY what Vernon Jones is guilty of.

After Jones fled from the interview, he took to Twitter and Telegram and called Stew a “liberal bigot in disguise” and said he had a “melt down” during the interview.

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Stew Responds To Vernon Jones Social Media Posts

During a portion of the interview, Jones was talking over Stew, not answering questions and Stew muted his audio.  Stew could still hear Jones in his ear while they were talking to each other, but Jones’s audio was not recorded.  In the interest of full transparency, we posted that video below as well.

Watch The Unedited Segment 

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