Vaccine mandates have been implemented all across the country, and many people are fighting back against this medical tyranny back by the Biden Regime.

This time it’s the Oklahoma City Police Department who, on Wednesday, rescinded their mandate directed at their recruits.




News Anchor 1: The Oklahoma City Police Department doing an about-face.

News Anchor 2: The department changing their stance on COVID-19 vaccines, and that decision announced today.

Sgt. Megan Morgan: Our leadership has chosen to remove the vaccine mandate, which means that those individuals who are applying to the police department are no longer required to receive the vaccination.

Reporter: Current police officers were never part of the mandate and were told the department hopes dropping the mandate will help boost recruits. By the way, new police recruits are eligible for a new $5,500 bonus.


It’s not necessarily a massive victory in the number of people it will directly affect in not being mandated to take a so-called vaccine, but the ripple effect more change.

It seems more and more people are against the mandates based upon the comments we’ve seen online.

Here are just a few of them…

“Hallelujah….way to go Oklahoma.”

“This needs to happen worldwide, and all those pushing this genocide are held accountable for their crimes.”

“None of this crap would be required if people just stopped complying.”

“They’re about to get a lot of applications/transfer requests from officers at other departments.”

“That’s good, but I hope the Oaklahoma PD remember this when they are told to round up the unvaxxed and force them to get theirs. No one should get this shit, and we should go back to normal. Not the “New Normal” these prices speak of, but the old normal, which I and many other people were perfectly happy in before their tyrannical c**ts started trying to implement their New World Order sh*t.”