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[VIDEO] Another Family Denied Life-Saving Surgery Due To Not Being Vaccinated

While the Democrats definitely won’t admit to it, they have silently waged a war on Americans who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Thanks to President Joe Biden, countless Americans have been treated as second-rate citizens as restaurants, gyms, and venues turn people away just because they refuse to get vaccinated. But sadly, it gets much worse as people have even lost their jobs and careers over the controversial COVID-19 vaccine. And if becoming dependent on the government was bad enough. Apparently, patients are now being denied life-saving surgeries due to the fact they won’t get vaccinated. 


The video featured below shows the Vitullo family, who have constantly been sacrificing for over the past two years, hoping that wife and grandmother Michelle Vitullo could get the liver surgery she needed. Although Michelle could find a donor in her own daughter, Angela, the hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, announced the surgery was canceled due to neither Michelle nor Angela being fully vaccinated.  

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While startling, this isn’t the first time the Cleveland Clinic has canceled a surgery over the COVID-19 vaccine. Another patient, who was fully vaccinated, was denied surgery because his donor wasn’t. With the continued push from the Democrats and White House, Americans are getting a glimpse into a future where freedom is just a word. 

This isn’t the only patient that the Cleveland Clinic has denied.



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