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[VIDEO] Biden Regime Loses Track 45,000 Migrant Kids

Although the liberal media has moved past the Southern border, there is still a crisis happening as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris basically ignore it. When President Biden first stepped foot in the White House, he promised to fix the border and take a more relaxed approach.

Former President Donald Trump made it almost his entire campaign to strengthen the border by building a new, better wall. And although the media won’t admit it – Trump’s plan was working. Trump even allowed the press to visit immigration facilities. President Biden, on the other hand, has banned the media from entering any holding facility.


And while numerous videos continue to circulate about thousands of immigrants being released into the United States, a new report shows that the Biden Administration has released and lost track of 45,000 migrant children in America. 

The bombshell report featured below shows how the Biden administration basically handed over migrant children to whoever would take them. And now, as if they are surprised, the administration can’t locate 45,000 of those children as they, the American government, just basically participated in the human trafficking of migrant children.

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