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[VIDEO] Candace Owens SHREDS EVIL Billionaire George Soros For Investing $500,000 Into Defunding Police

Political commentator Candace Owens is known not to hold back when it comes to the issues in America.

While she might be blunt, recently, she appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. She outright obliterated billionaire George Soros for contributing $500,000 to a campaign that wants to defund police in Austin, Texas.


For over a year now, grassroots movements like Black Lives Matter have called for police departments around the country to be defunded. Although it is clear to see their message, Carlson and many Americans want to know why a billionaire like George Soros wants to defund the police? 

It might just be speculation, but Owens unleashed a fiery tirade not only about the billionaire but how the liberals want to defund the police. As if giving a glimpse of the future, Owens warns that defunding the police would lead to the government federalizing the police force around the country.

Already having the military at their disposal, adding the police force into the arsenal the government controls would only extend their power over the American people. 


As for Soros, In the video below, Owens lists off several reasons the investor would want to help defund the police. From making money to Chinese ties, Soro’s intrigue into the police force is a dire warning.

Watch the video below to learn more. 

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