There is a not-so-secretive agenda in the Biden administration to do absolutely whatever it takes to keep the daily doings of Hunter Biden top secret. While the Biden family might reside in the White House, with Joe Biden at the top, the presidential family is anything but upscale or remotely respectable.

Although the late Beau Biden was the family saving grace, unfortunately, he passed away, leaving behind his wife Hallie and two kids. But don’t worry, while you might feel sorry for them, shortly after his death, his younger brother, Hunter Biden, swooped in and basically replaced the role of his successful brother.


So much so that in 2016, Hallie and Hunter spoke publicly about their passionate love affair. What’s even stranger is the fact that the Biden family accepted this new relationship. 

Considerably confused and highly nauseating, many wondered what brought Hallie and Hunter together. Given that Hunter was once her brother-in-law, the relationship was already strange and complex to begin with. Not to mention adding two children, whose uncle is now playing the role of father, into the mix. Still, while some find it strange, a newly released phone call between Hunter and Hallie may give some insight into a common denominator – cocaine.

The phone call below shows both Hallie and Hunter arguing back and forth. While it is unknown what they are so upset about, it doesn’t take long before it slips out that they are searching for cocaine. And remember, this family now represents America on the world stage.