The other day, Bumbling Joe Biden screwed up again.

Yeah, I know this isn’t “breaking news,” the Fool in Chief screws up every day – but Joe fell into an old habit where he likes to brag about using his power to get things “done” for his friends and family.


He did the same thing when he told the story about how he got the Ukraine prosecutor fired for investigating Burisma. Joe can’t help himself. He loves people to know that he wields power. He feeds off of scaring people into “adoration.”

So, once again, Biden told an inappropriate story about how he used his “power” to get something done for one of his friends. According to Joe, it was taking a long time for his friend’s wife to be seen by a doctor, so Joe picked up the phone and called the hospital himself…

Well, Peter Doocy wanted to know what happened next, so he asked Jen Psaki.

Now, Jen didn’t answer the question, even though she promised to. Instead, she rambled on about how unvaccinated people are taking up all the hospital beds, and people with heart attacks can’t get in to see the doctor.

Uh, is this even true? I’ve not heard of this until now… I can’t wait for all the “fact-checkers” to jump on it, right?

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<insert eye roll here>

Of course, Jen didn’t answer the question, so Peter had a follow-up, and this is where he absolutely savages Jen.


Peter says, “But setting aside the privacy of the individual, how often does President Biden call around trying to help his friends cut the line?

OUCH! HA HA HA. Wow…well done, Peter!

You can watch the videos below:

That was a brilliant and savage follow-up from Peter.

I’ve noticed lately that Peter has gotten much more prickly with Jen Psaki.


It’s good to see because this type of questioning is very much needed right now…and we want more of it, bo because at this moment, the American people are very dialed in to what’s going on with this failed so-called “president” and his disgraceful admin…and they don’t like what they’re seeing and hearing…so let’s keep that train rolling.

This piece originally appeared in and is used with permission.

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