For the past two years, since the moment the first case of COVID-19 was documented in the U.S., the Democrats have used it to push their agenda on the American people. They imposed lockdowns, mask mandates and are now even requiring workers to get vaccinated or be fired. Although science shows the vaccine is doing little to stop the spread, the Biden administration, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the media continue to push the vaccine. 


Now, as the truth is starting to emerge that the pandemic-causing virus was most likely created in the Chinese Wuhan Lab, Representative Matt Gaetz decided to release a video giving a timeline on how the Democrats used the virus to push for more control, vilified any person who fought against the narrative and ultimately helped bury the origins of where the coronavirus came from. 


While the video above is startling, it should also be noted that National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins is set to announce his resignation. As the probe into the Wuhan Lab theory continues to heat up, Collins, like President Biden and Dr. Fauci, was on the frontlines of the pandemic. He worked closely with the Biden administration and even promoted both mask mandates and the vaccine from the start. 

What's More Dangerous, COVID Or The COVID Vaccine Mandates?

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