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[VIDEO] Terry McAuliffe Admits It Only Took Minutes To Hack Voting Machine

Most Democrats buy into the idea that somehow, in the middle of the night, Joe Biden was able to accumulate enough votes to not only become the most voted for president in history but also beat Donald Trump. Since the election was called, there have been reports of voter fraud, election tampering, and even dead people voting. But still, with the evidence mounting, the Democrats parade around Washington, acting as if they genuinely won the election fairly. Even more interesting is that before the 2020 election, Democratic Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, spoke several times about how easy it was to tap into a voting machine and change a vote. 


In the video featured below, McAuliffe is shown being interviewed numerous times throughout 2019. And each time, he continues to talk about election integrity and the potential risk of voter fraud. McAuliffe even admits that they did an investigation and found that it took a hacker less than 10 minutes to gain access to the voting machine. It would take half that time for them to figure out how to change a vote. But remember, Joe Biden won the election fairly, and there is no way the election was stolen from the American people. 


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