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[VIDEO] Who Is Ray Epps? The Man Behind The Capitol Hill Riot Who Was Never Charged

Following the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th, the Democrats had more than enough ammunition to wage a war on what they deemed domestic terrorists.

The left fueled the riot and claimed it was nothing short of the start of a Civil War, but to this day – nothing more has transpired other than AOC claiming she felt like she was going to die although she was in an entirely different building.


Still, the Democrats hurled the narratives and the White House followed as over 600 people have been arrested for the part they played on January 6th. But among all those people, one person appears to be missing, and people are starting to ask, “who is Ray Epps?”

Beyond what the Democrats might think or say, only one person died during the Capitol Hill riot and her name was Ashli Babbitt. And wanting justice for her has led many people, including Fox News, to notice that one man was filmed repeatedly telling protesters to enter the Capitol building.

While that might not sound shocking, this man, Ray Epps, was advising people to enter the Capitol building a night before the actual protest. And more than once, people around him try to inform the crowd that he is an undercover FED. 

While some might see it as nothing more than coincidence, the video below proves that it is definitely more than happenstance.

Ray Epps not only informs people to raid the building but he was also never charged for anything. Over the 600 people that were prosecuted, Epps wasn’t a single one of them. And, as you can watch below, that is just the beginning of the mysterious Ray Epps.   

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