YAKIMA COUNTY, WA – A Washington State Trooper has sent a clear message as to how he feels over losing his job because of Governor Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate.

The trooper will join hundreds of police, troopers, firefighters, paramedics, teachers, and healthcare workers in being unemployed (but not eligible to collect unemployment benefits) for declining to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.


He started by saying it was his final radio transmission. He said thank you to his fellow troopers and dispatchers, and then he ended the transmission with “Jay Inslee can kiss my ass.”

He then literally drops the mic.

In response, the dispatcher thanks the trooper and lists out the many accomplishments he has seen in his 22 years and five months of service.
This is likely not the way the trooper, nor the other hundreds of public servants, saw their careers ending. It remains to be seen what the firings of these hundreds of professionals will do to public health and safety.
Washington State Troopers have joined a lawsuit along with corrections workers and other government employees to fight the governor’s mandates but have yet to see success. Hundreds of religious exemption requests were previously denied.