According to a Whistleblower with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Biden administration has released 16,000 Covid positive migrants into the United States after they were not required to get the vaccine. The report comes from Breitbart News Randy Clark, a 32 year retired veteran with the U.S. Border Patrol.

According to the report, the migrants released into the U.S. ranged in age from infant to elderly. Approximately 1,300 were under the age of ten.  The approximately 12,000 Covid positive migrants ranged from 18 to 40, with an overwhelming majority of them being men.


According to the source, the release of the migrants occurred between January 2021 to October in various cities across the United States. The total number from the source does not include migrants released into the U.S. by Border Patrol agents.

According to Breitbart Texas Border Patrol relied on nongovernment agencies to test migrants before releasing them, but many were released to self-quarantine in hotels in border cities.

“With the pace of referrals from the Border Patrol, we tested, made the migrants aware, and released them to avoid increasing the detained population. None of the migrants received the COVID-19 vaccine, either voluntary or forced.” – Breitbart’s Source 


So while Americans here legally are being forced into getting vaccinated or facing the possibility of losing their job, illegals are free to bring the virus into the U.S. with no vaccine requirement. It