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Whistleblower Exposes Major Election Fraud – Georgia Corruption Exposed

Over the last few weeks, the focus of the millions of Americans who believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump has been on the Arizona audit. However, it’s important to remember that there are many states where sketchy things happened on election night.

David Wilhelm was hired by the National Republican Senatorial Committee to oversee the runoffs in Georgia, and he specifically worked as an absentee ballot box observer in Athens Clarke County. Though he was hired to report anything that seemed amiss, it quickly became clear to him that Republican leaders weren’t interested in detecting fraud.


Since Republican officials weren’t interested in Wilhelm’s claims of fraud, he sat down with our very own Stew Peters [2] yesterday to discuss what exactly he saw during the Georgia runoffs, and he didn’t hesitate to say that he witnessed “a lot of irregularities.”

These irregularities included people putting in “extra ballots,” and Democrat volunteers being given keys to the ballot boxes so they could “take any ballots they want and bring them back” with “no supervision” of them whatsoever.

Wilhelm claimed that the city council and even the mayor knew all about this, yet they did nothing to stop it.

“They’re all part of this leftist regime change. They know this evidence is there,” he said, adding that even worse is the fact that the evidence “was given to the GOP party, and they’ve decided to do nothing. It’s been a complete surrender.”


Wilhelm claimed that Republican leaders who have seen the evidence of this include Georgia Governor Brad Raffensperger (R), and former Senator David Purdue (R-GA), yet they too did nothing about it. Peters responded to this by pledging that his team will reach out to every Republican Wilhelm named to try and get some answers on their inaction.

Wilhelm believes that Democrats in Georgia have the power to fabricate thousands of votes and put whoever they want in power. He wants a full investigation into this so that everyone who was complicit in this scheme can be exposed. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that this will happen, because if true, some very powerful people are involved, and they’ll do anything to keep it under wraps.

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“And the President would be completely ineffective if you didn’t have a down-ballot full of support there to enact the legislation that he’s looking to push to radically change this country,” Peters said in agreement.

While Republican leaders seem to be doing nothing about this, Peters has pledged to fight back.

“Our country is being overthrown by communism right in front of our face,” he said. “David Wilhelm is a patriot. That’s a fighter. And my promise to you is that this platform will be weaponized for good. We will shine a huge, bright light into the crevices of darkness where these cockroaches have been used to being able to get away with their criminal activity no longer you will be exposed.”

Find out more about the disturbing evidence that Wilhelm has by watching his full interview with Peters here. [2]