Big Media and Big Tech suppressed the origins of the COVID virus for quite some time.

Big Tech even de-platformed people for questioning their ‘official narrative.’


Just like Noah was considered a ‘conspiracy theorist’… until it started to rain.

Now there is abundant evidence that not only did COVID-19 originate in The Wuhan Institute of Virology and that Tony Fauci helped fund the very same lab.

That lab was doing Gain of Function research. Gain of Function research is a fancy and misleading way of saying they were trying to figure out how to make viruses more deadly, also known as weaponizing them.

Now we have a doctor just casually dropping this BOMBSHELL on Fox Business.


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“Obviously, the most important thing is to, is we’ve got sort of gotten through this pandemic in one form or another, but definitely not have another one. So some of the additional work I’ve done has shown that this very laboratory that I believe was involved with SARS CoV2 was working on the Nipah virus, which has an 80 to 90% lethality. So in December 2019, they were working on moving, doing genetic synthetic biology with the Nipah virus. This has to stop. We need to stop doing these kinds of dangerous experiments and figure out how if we can ever do them again in a proper fashion.” – Dr. Steven Quay


The Fox Business news anchor barely even batted an eye.

The different world government’s response to COIVD, a virus with a 99% plus survival rate for most of us, has caused irreparable damage to the world’s people, economy, mental health, etc.

If they did that for a virus like COVID, what would happen if a different one got released?

The people on the internet had a few words to say…

“And Fauci funded them.”

“Ummm… no one should ever, ever test or play with viruses and should be tried for crimes against humanity and given a lethal injection in a public square if ever caught!”

“Are you kidding me?! Time to get rid of all who are responsible for releasing these toxins on the world.”

“I’m sorry, but these labs need to be taken out.”


“Hmmm….. bill gates, the 2nd plandemic one will get people’s attention. Now, does everyone get it?”

“The first virus was just a warning. They’ll try to use a more deadly one to put everyone under their control.”

“These Dr. Frankensteins doing cutting and pasting genetic material into viruses and bacteria are going to be the cause of a mass extinction equal to the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.”

“The origins of the virus has never been investigated officially, and information released, interesting and continues the origins information.”


Engineer Claims He Has Proof COVID & COVID Vaccines Are Bioweapons – Deleted Wuhan Database