LOUDON COUNTY, VA – Users on Twitter are calling out what they believe to be another attempt to malign Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin by way of using an individual sporting a prominently displayed Confederate flag patch on a denim jacket – that happened to be photographed multiple times and uploaded online.


As we previously reported here at Red Voice Media, the concept of Democrat plants staging themselves in controversial garb at Youngkin rallies isn’t farfetched, as it literally already happened once before.

Back on October 29th, a group of four men and one woman, dressed in white shirts, khaki pants and holding tiki torches, were spotted standing outside of Youngkin’s campaign bus while they professed their support for his candidacy.

This happened in none other than Charlottesville, which the attire and tiki torches the group were hoisting was an obvious allusion to the August 2017 incident in the same city that resulted in a woman’s death.


It didn’t take long for some of the people within the group to be identified as local Democrat activists, with financial director for the Virginia Young Democrats Camden Layton being the first to be outed and then Democratic Party of Virginia employee Colleen Wachenfeld being identified thereafter.

Hours after the two being identified – and them scrubbing or locking their social media accounts – The Lincoln Project took credit for the stunt, trying to proclaim it was an effort to raise awareness to an incident that happened over 4 years ago.

Taking the previous incident into account, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to ponder whether a person being prominently photographed several times at a Youngkin event on the evening of November 1st was part of another attempt to paint the gubernatorial candidate as one who appeals to a certain demographic.

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X Strategies LLC Senior Digital Strategist Greg Price called out Salon contributor Zachary Petrizzo over the photo depicting a seemingly out-of-place individual adorning a Confederate flag patch on a denim jacket.

“Hey, dipshit. Did you ask this person why they were wearing an old jacket with a poorly sewn Confederate flag on it and conveniently stood in front of the media just days after Dem operatives planted similar people at a Youngkin rally?”


WUSA9’s Mike Valerio also managed to have a different picture of the same person adorning the jacket – while conveniently not showing the person’s face either – with author and conservative personality Melissa Tate calling out the suspicious nature of the photo.

When NBC News’ Gary Grumbach conveniently produced his own photo of the same person, again only focusing in on their jacket and not revealing their face, Becker News CEO Kyle Becker also called out how strange the photo seemed to be.

“So, if I’ve got this right, you snapped a photo of a person’s back—only guy in the crowd with a freshly sewn confederate flag patch—without showing their face, then held it up as emblematic of a Youngkin rally only days removed from a similar Lincoln Project hoax. Seems legit.”

Needless to say, many online are not buying what they perceive to be an obvious plant.