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Aussie Police ‘Kidnap’ Woman & Stuff Her in A Paddy Wagon Over COVID [VIDEO]

Unvaccinated Americans have come under attack from the moment the Democrats took control of Washington.

Hoping to force the supposed COVID-19 vaccine on the American people, President Joe Biden underestimated the public as he suggested having the majority of the country vaccinated by July 2021.

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Knowing how that turned out, the Biden administration, with the help from the liberal media, have waged a campaign against those who wish not to get the COVID-19 shot until more information is available. But while the Democrats label these Americans as selfish and nothing more than conspiracy theorists, a quick look at Australia shows what happens when citizens give up their medical freedom. 

In the video featured below, Australian authorities are shown confronting a woman on the road before throwing her into the back of a van. While the authorities don’t acknowledge the people around them, one woman can be heard screaming, “This is an indigenous elder! You are committing cultural genocide!”

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While many of the details are still unknown, Australia has instituted some of the strictest COVID-19 mandates in the world. Just last week, Australian officials announced that the military would be rounding up citizens who tested positive for COVID-19. These citizens, which included aboriginal tribes, will be taken to “quarantine camps.” And apparently, it doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated or not. The government is only aiming for those who test positive for COVID. 

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And although this might sound like an outlandish prank, the video above proves that the Australian government isn’t taking citizens’ freedoms into account when it comes to the coronavirus.