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Things are getting worse and worse every day in America. The U.S. military is falling apart. Infrastructure is decaying. The murder rate was up 30 percent last year and it will be up again this year. Our elites are egging on violent riots, and then sending prosecutors to arrest people who defend themselves from the mob.

And now, we’re seeing signs that the system really may be crumbling apart. It started in the first days of the Covid panic when there were shortages of toilet paper and basic food. But okay, fine, people were freaking out and stripping stores of everything, the market will recover…but then it didn’t recover. Last fall, we started to hear about computer chip shortages, which didn’t just mean a shortage of computers, but also a shortage of new cars.

Last spring, there was the lumber shortage, and from there it’s just gotten worse and worse. Spare parts to fix vehicles and machines have a massive backlog. They can’t clear up the logjam at the port of Los Angeles. Airlines can’t keep their schedules and have to cancel hundreds of flights at a time. Last year, they denied that inflation was happening. Then they said it was happening, but only a little bit. Now they’re admitting it’s the highest inflation in decades, but it’s a good thing. All that’s left is for them to admit that, actually, inflation is totally out of control, but when they finally admit that, they’ll say it’s your fault and that you deserve it.

Right now, it’s rising prices and shortages for new cars and computers and housing materials. But what if soon it’s shortages of food, gasoline, and electricity? And if that hits, how long can this entire system really prop itself up? And that’s the part where you start to wonder: Maybe those doomsday preppers were right all along. You know, the people who are hoarding guns and gasoline and seeds and ATVs and five years of food so they can survive when all of society implodes.

Paul Haulinski is with, America’s oldest online platform for buying and selling guns. He also knows a lot about prepping. He wanted to join us to discuss the “do’s” and “don’t”s of the modern-day prepping movement.

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Paul Haulinski joined the show to discuss.

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