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Biden Gets Called Out When People See His Gingerbread White House Village & Everything Wrong With It

With Thanksgiving over, people are beginning to get into the Christmas spirit as they put away the fall decorations and unload the bins of Christmas goodies.

From lights to holiday villages, the Christmas season is by far one of the most important holidays this year as Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

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And with morale at an all-time low, thanks to the Biden administration, there is nothing like a little Christmas magic to get everyone in the mood. That’s why the White House decided to display a gorgeous gingerbread village for visitors to admire. There is just one little problem. 

Snapping a photo of the wonderful village, AP White House reporter Darlene Superville tweeted, “Christmas at the White House. The Bidens turned the gingerbread White House into a village this year, honoring frontline workers who helped during the pandemic. A gingerbread warehouse, school, grocery store, post office, fire, police and gas stations, and a hospital were added.”

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The display is beautiful to admire before even getting into the details, at least until you realize that the Biden administration used the moment to push yet another agenda. 

As you can see in the photo above, the village included a school, police station, gas station, and even warehouse. But while the White House thought it was important to honor the frontline workers, many users couldn’t help but see the confusion. 

Summing up everything that is wrong with the display in one tweet, one user wrote, “gas station has gas for $6 gal, the warehouse is empty, the police station has been defunded, firehouse on a skeleton crew due to mandate, the hospital refuses to admit patients for routine procedures and UFT is trying to close the school.”

Another user added, “Really going after the important stuff. Can you point in the village where all the unemployed dirty unvaxxers are begging for scraps? They are the ones we called heroes last yr, remember?”

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Astounded by the tone-deaf White House, one user pointed out, “They are trying to fire frontline workers who helped during the pandemic, but at least there is a gingerbread house in DC “honoring” them.”