According to reports, tens of thousands of Afghans who were airlifted out of Kabul and brought into the United States this past August were not properly vetted before coming into the country.

As if the Biden administration weren’t marred enough regarding the ostensibly abysmal withdrawal from Afghanistan earlier this year, a recent congressional memo affords greater context into the botched endeavor by revealing the gaping holes pertaining to the processing of arrivals from the now Taliban-controlled country.

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Said congressional memo detailed interviews with military officials across the globe – and a general sentiment conveyed by Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and the Department of State was that reasonable vetting did not transpire with regard to Afghans introduced into the United States.

As cited in the memo, one source explained that the Biden administration during the period of evacuations abandoned the traditional methods of screening refugees – replacing it with a protocol of less stringent vetting standards.

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“They created a brand new, out-of-cloth screening process just for this population. And then they told everyone, ‘This is what you follow.’ DOD was such a heavy part of this, and they follow orders. And so, they’re like, ‘OK, here’s the checklist. I’ll do exactly what the checklist says — no more.’ So, that’s how it happened, but it was centrally managed via DHS, the National Security Council, the White House. They said, ‘This is how we’re going to do this. And we’re going to depart significantly from the standard way of doing screening and vetting as we would in literally any other situation.'”

Apparently, the Biden administration wound up bringing in predominantly “unqualified” people into the country from Afghanistan, roughly 75% out of 82,000 introduced, who didn’t qualify as an American citizen, green card holder, or who were accepted into the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa program.

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Back on October 26th, Senator Josh Hawley shared an email from “an American official” to Twitter who was reportedly in Afghanistan during the period of the evacuation. Senator Hawley noted that the email bore “orders from Joe Biden to fill up the planes – even without vetting.”

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During this period, the Biden administration’s main protocol was allegedly only checking Afghans’ names against terrorist and criminal databases – basically a light screening – but no additional vetting of any sort unless any Afghans had their identity flagged in biometrics or phone records.

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Another area that is of great concern was the lack of training and communication going on at the time of the evacuations, as those engaged in the light screening of Afghans weren’t properly trained to be able to spot fake documents and some officials stateside simply assumed some Afghans had already been screened abroad.

In the wake of this mishandling of vetting Afghans, there are “at least ten evacuees” who’d made it past their screenings and into the United States that are actively being detained as national security threats.

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