Just a year ago, gas prices were low and affordable, inflation wasn’t even a discussion, and the Southern border was secure. While the liberal media doesn’t want to admit it, the only thing that changed within the last year was Joe Biden supposedly winning the 2020 election. Although the media and Democrats vilified former President Donald Trump, there was no denying that he put America first. All three dilemmas listed above were again, non-existent when Trump was in office. But remember, according to the media, there is no correlation between Americans struggling and Biden’s economic policies. Still, with yet another crisis, President Biden announced he would be using the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help offset the cost at the pump.  

With gas prices climbing well above $3 a gallon, President Biden’s announcement might appear to be a step in the right direction, but come to find out – some of that oil, which was bought with taxpayer money, will never end up saving Americans. And the reason why – the oil being taken from America’s strategic stockpile will be shipped to China and India. 

First reported by Bloomberg, a large portion of the 50 million barrels that are set to be released will most likely go overseas. According to traders, it is because the barrels “consist of sour crude, a type of oil that U.S. refiners are shunning due to its high sulfur content, which makes it more expensive to process.”

Always trying to turn a profit, the Biden administration knows that foreign buyers don’t mind spending less money on lower-quality oil. But again, the announcement to tap into the reserve was promoted as a step to help Americans. It seems like the only ones being helped are the ones profiting off of the oil. 

Not only is the latest move by President Biden appearing to be nothing more than a cash grab, but it was also Biden who promoted himself as a person who supported “going green”. While Biden might be going green, it seems that the green he was referring to was cash as the President is selling oil to two countries that are among the worst polluters in the world.  

It should also be mentioned that it was President Biden who single-handedly buried the Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office. On top of that, Biden didn’t appear to mind or try to stop Russia from moving forward with their own pipeline project. 

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While many of the fossil fuel projects in America are being canceled and criticized by the Biden administration, the same administration will soon ship oil to facilities in China and India, who again do very little to promote clean energy. 

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