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BODYCAMS: Suspect Opens Fire With Police In California Shopping Center Parking Lot

MILPITIS, CA – Once known for its beauty and friendly atmosphere, the state of California has turned into a portrait of the wild, wild west.

Thanks to the Democratic leadership and their efforts to defund the police, the state has seen a tremendous spike in crime.

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Numerous videos have been uploaded all over the state, showing criminals ransacking stores and looting businesses with little to stop them. And while these crimes are mainly happening in Democratic strongholds, the liberals continue to blame COVID and even former President Donald Trump for the surge. 

While the Democrats continue to debate who is at fault, when all fingers point back at them, the few police officers left are constantly being put in harm’s way, trying to restore some law and order. 

In the video, which can be watched below, California officers find themselves in an intense shootout [2] with a criminal. And this all takes place in the parking lot of a shopping center. With bystanders in danger and bullets whizzing by, the officer quickly took charge of the situation, hoping to stop the shooter. 

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But as this is just the latest video to come out of California, it should be noted that actor Seth Rogen believes that crimes like breaking and entering are just the price of living in a big city.