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China Mocks Biden After His Apologized For America, Calls Him “Powerless”

While for the past ten months President Joe Biden has been confined to the United States, last week, he was put on full display in front of the entire world at the G20 summit. And while Americans have already gotten a clear picture of President Biden and his blunders, stumbles, and cheat sheets, the world was able to get a front-row seat to the spectacle that is Joe Biden. Not disappointing, President Biden fumbled his words, whispered into the microphone, and even took a nap during the summit. And following the same routine, this week, during the United Nations COP26 climate summit, Biden literally apologized on behalf of America, leading China to not only mock him but call him “powerless”. 


Speaking at the conference on Monday, President Biden said, “I guess I shouldn’t apologize, but I do apologize for the fact that the United States in the last administration pulled out of the Paris Accords and put us sort of behind the eight ball a little bit. The United States is not only back at the table but hopefully leading by the power of example. I know that hasn’t been the case and that’s why my administration is working overtime.”

Although not the worst statement Biden has made, the Global Times, one of China’s media government outlets, mocked the President for being powerless. “What a ‘noble’ apology, which made Biden seem like he cares about climate change, but also how hypocritical and powerless he is. His apology does not make any sense, as he has no plan to fulfill his promises and no guarantee to make sure that his commitment won’t be toppled by the next administration.”

The outlet added, “Worse, he cannot even win enough support from his own party to get a green light for his plan. If the U.S. still has teeth, it will definitely not become that humble.”

Already bashing America and President Biden, the Global Times finished by claiming it was only a matter of time before Trump entered the White House to apologize for Biden. “Quite a few netizens, including those from the US, claimed they cannot wait until 2024 when the Republican Party, or even Donald Trump himself, apologizes for Biden’s apology.” 

It should be noted that the ridicule from the Global Times comes after President Biden criticized China for not attending the event. He said, “We showed up, and by showing up we’ve had a profound impact on the way I think the rest of the world is looking at the United States in its leadership role. ” Biden added that China “lost an ability to influence people around the world” and ultimately made a “big mistake”. 

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