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There’s an evil, downright demonic ideology that is trying to take control of this planet right now. It’s the satanic cult that teaches us that men can become women, that abortion is a sacrament, that countries and borders are illegitimate, that global finance must reign supreme, that criminals should roam free, that humans need to eat bugs and live in pods for the sake of “the climate.”

This is the cult of the Great Reset. It’s a cult that has total, absolute confidence in its own righteousness, no matter how many cities, countries, and lives it ruins. It’s the cult whose adherents genuinely believe that everything that resists them is just racist, sexist, bigoted, and evil, and needs to be annihilated.

This cult is evil. But it’s fanatical, and it’s skilled at sucking people in. If we’re going to stand against this cult, we’ll need our own
rival ideology. It’s not enough to just say no.

One of the best tools of resistance, of course, is the battle-tested faith of Christianity. But the death cult of the great reset is cunning.

It’s already furthering its agenda by luring in “Christian” leaders and getting them to endorse the Reset. Faith groups across America take money from billionaire atheist George Soros. Megachurch pastor Rick Warren endorses the World Economic Forum and promotes NIH head Francis Collins, who helped further lies about the origins of coronavirus. The Vatican lets “Catholic” Joe Biden visit while remaining silent about his fanatical commitment to the sin of abortion.

What’s going on here? Clay Clark is the host of the Thrivetime show, he’s been talking a LOT about this and he joined the show to discuss.

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