Even though there has been a plethora of evidence showing the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t stop vaccinated people from getting or spreading the virus, the Democrats continue to push mandates on the American people.

Knowing that he would be facing a mountain of opposition, President Joe Biden placed the vaccine mandate in the hands of employers as they must now require their employees to get vaccinated or lose their job.


And while employers and the Biden administration aren’t necessarily forcing the vaccine on people – yet, a veteran flight attendant admitted that her employer coerced her into getting a Covid-19 vaccine. 

In the video below, United Airlines worker Lisa Williams told reporters on Monday about the pressure she was put under to get the vaccine. “I was fearful of losing my job, which would cause me not to provide for my children. And I caved under duress and got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. That was the single worst decision of my life.”


Having worked for the airline for over 30 years, Williams admitted the side effects from the vaccine have caused her constant pain. “Due to my body’s adverse reaction to the jab, I was rushed to the hospital. Every day, the side effects linger, and I suffer chronic pain.” 


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But through it all, what is so shocking about the video above is that Williams or any of the pilots aren’t against the vaccine, just the mandate. “We are not anti-vaccine. We are anti-mandate. My employer has done everything possible to prevent folks like me from exercising our Title VII rights to protect our faith and our medical autonomy under the Americans With Disabilities Act.”