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Dad: “The Pfizer Shot Killed My Baby”

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They did basically no testing on whether this Covid vaccine was actually safe for pregnant women. They just assumed it was, or more accurately, they didn’t care. What mattered was forcing everybody to get the shot, and damn the consequences. Easy for the soulless wretches in our government to do, but now actual human beings with souls are reaping the consequences.

Ryan Shultz knows that all too well. He sent us this message the other day.

I’m sitting in the emergency room with my wife after losing our baby at 11 weeks. I know it was the vaccine that caused these massive clots. Please keep us in your prayers. I know we aren’t the only people to lose babies. … My wife took the Pfizer several months back prior to getting pregnant. I’m 100% sure this was caused by the vaccine. I know this because she was on Lovenox to prevent clotting, and baby aspirin. What my eyes witnesses was the result of the vaccine. … Our doctors said the vaccine wouldn’t do this, but I explained the massive clotting and he dismissed it. They are all in on it.

Ryan Schultz joined the show to discuss.

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