Having watched the saga revolving around Kyle Rittenhouse, from his arrest to the end of his tense trial, I have come across some pretty bad takes and unjust outrage over the rendered verdict.

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But a Medium article published on November 20th by Umair Haque is by far not only the most ridiculous take on Rittenhouse and the delivered verdict, it is easily one presenting a narrative that is by far the most detached from reality regarding Rittenhouse and the events from August 25th, 2020.

Color me shocked to find that the author of the article titled “The Rise of the American Nazi: The Rittenhouse Verdict is America’s Turning Point From Fascism to True Nazism” is someone sporting a blue checkmark on Twitter.

On November 20th, Haque gleefully shared this estimated 11-minute read on Twitter, and based upon the title of the article, I just had to see what drivel was going to be packed into the multi-paragraph ensemble.

After suffering through the first couple of paragraphs written by Haque where he bemoaned the outcome of the trial, accusing Judge Bruce Schroeder of intervening in the trial in “bizarre and flamboyant ways,” Haque presented what he claims happened on August 25th, 2020.

“And yet the horror of this moment hits deep,” he wrote. “Let’s recap what Rittenhouse did. He’s a teenage Trumpist who carried a machine gun, and shot at three protesters, murdering two of them, and wounding another. He murdered two people — political opponents — in cold blood.”

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Well, that is certainly some revisionist history right there, because Rittenhouse at no point had a “machine gun” and there were certainly no killings committed in “cold blood.” Oh, the nonsense peddled by Haque gets even better though with this next paragraph:

“If you’re carrying a machine gun, there are about a hundred things you can do before shooting to kill multiple times, and then shooting someone in the back with a ‘kill shot.’ You can fire over their heads, you can fire at the street, you can fire in the air. You can lay down your gun and take out the bullets and walk away. You can do literally a thousand things instead of murder people in cold blood. Murder is not self-defence [sic] when you are the only carrying a machine gun.”

Again, Haque is living in a fantasy land with his talk about a “machine gun” – and I highly doubt that Joseph Rosenbaum would’ve simply walked away from Rittenhouse if he laid his gun down and took out the bullets and walked away. And yes,  people can use a gun to defend themselves with a firearm even if their aggressor doesn’t have one.

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There is no portion of self defense in Wisconsin that commands an equitable means of defending oneself against someone posing a direct threat of grievous bodily harm or possibly death.

Now, most reasonable people looked at the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial and saw a kid who acted in self-defense against multiple violent aggressors, even if Rittenhouse ostensibly made some not very wise decisions that found him in the midst of riot-city in Kenosha.

But the conclusion that Haque is drawing from his imaginary version of events from the August 2020 riot in Kenosha is now that Rittenhouse was found not guilty at trial, said rendered verdict marked “the moment that American fascism became American Nazism.”

I cannot stress enough how ridiculous this Haque character is, as he has somehow convinced himself that Rittenhouse was targeting Jewish people and now both they and black Americans are at risk because of the recent acquittal.

“Rittenhouse murdered people who were at a Black Lives Matter protest,” he continued. “Jewish people. ‘Race traitors,’ in white supremacist parlance. You can see the point being made here with extreme violence very, very clearly. It’s open season on Jewish people. Black people. Anyone who opposes the political project of fascism.”

Clearly, Haque just has zero ability to digest nuance, exigent circumstances, and what an imminent threat is, alluding that he watched the videos from the August 2020 series of incidents and somehow saw something akin to just some kid randomly gunning people down in the streets of Kenosha.

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He wrote, “A normal person is left with a sense of horror and repulsion over situations like these. All you have to do is watch the video. You will quite clearly see people being murdered, needlessly, by a man wielding a machine gun. That makes a person with a working moral compass, a soul, a functioning and healthy psyche, feel sick.”

Seriously, this nonsense written by Haque is about an 11 minute read and it continues on and on with this sort of claptrap – even referring to Rittenhouse in the article as a “Super, super, mega, ultra Nazi.”

This Haque guy just has to be insane, there’s no other means of explaining it – his closing words in the article suggest that because Rittenhouse was found not guilty in his self-defense case that there’s now going to be a second “Holocaust” and folks will be murdered at their homes with impunity and no consequence.

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“Wait until today’s foot soldiers become tomorrow’s SS lieutenants and Gestapo commandants, tomorrow’s Congressmen,” he said. “Think they won’t be capable of a Holocaust? Think the base won’t want one?

“Wait until there’s a Kyle Rittenhouse in every town — and he’s aiming a machine gun at you and your kids. And he’s laughing, because he knows he can come to your door, kill you, and be celebrated for it.”

Keep in mind, people like Haque think they’re smarter than you. Based upon this Medium article he felt confident in publishing, clearly, he has an IQ resting somewhere far below room temperature.

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