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Actual health care has become a secondary consideration at America’s clinics and hospitals. Instead, they have become completely obsessed with forcing vaccines into the arms of every American man, woman, and child.

But even if the vaccine mania went away tomorrow, America’s hospitals would still be in a terrifying spot. Because the problem with them isn’t vaccines or Covid. The problem is the insane ideology embraced by the people who work there. This insane ideology is why hospitals are now explicitly denying medical care to white people based on their skin color. And this insane ideology is why hospitals across the country are committing themselves to grooming children for exploitation by the transgender movement.

Natly Denis owns and operates America’s only dedicated anti-human trafficking news platform, The Daily Traffic. She also has a newly-formed watchdog organization, the Counter-Trafficking Alliance.

Recently a whistleblowing nurse appeared on Natly’s program and told about the de facto child trafficking going on in hospitals. There are psychologists whose modus operandi is to get young children, isolate them from their parents, and start asking leading questions to plant the idea in their head that they are transgender. They do this to confuse the kids, and the moment the child expresses any doubts about their gender, which could simply be them being uncomfortable with growing up or going through puberty, they attack, and announce the child is transgender and needs to be put on hormones or worse. And if parents get in the way of this, they could end up having their children taken away.

Natly Denis joined the show to discuss.

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